Small Business and Data Recovery


You lock the doors, armed the alarm system and left the office with a feeling that your business is secure

Think this is enough to prevent theft? Think again! What about your network? Is it hacker proof? What about a disgruntled employee?

These are all a potential for theft, and ultimately the loss of your business. Hackers are always looking for ways to infiltrate your business. The most important thing you can do as a business owner is to partner with an experienced and knowledgeable IT provider who will go over every point in your network to ensure it is secure and to ensure there are reliable backups and business continuity solutions.

Disgruntled employees and accidental deletions are also a potential for data breaches. with a steady stream of email, clicking on links within emails can also be a potential risk for a breach. Deploying end point audit controls can be a effective deterrent against malicious employee activity and/or accidental data deletions.

Small business owners often miss the mark when it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. However, these should be two of the most important items to consider before opening your doors.

What good is locking doors and securing the perimeter of your business when what’s most important inside can still be stolen?

Contact us today, if you wish to cease locking doors in vain.