Pandemic and The Return to Office

When covid shut businesses down all throughout the world and you were able to transition your employees instantly to a work from home model, I say “kudos”. However, to the many employers who chose to put off or ignore implementing a Business Continuity Plan, you saw a significant hit to your business.
There are many who felt this was an insignificant investment or who just chose to put it off, not seeing a disaster as imminent or impossible to imagine. As the virus is now drawing down and businesses slowly plan to reopen, there is yet another threat looming to businesses: Cybersecurity!
Hackers are exploiting businesses by getting a hold of data, locking it down and demanding a significant ransom. Business heads are paying this ransom, often in the millions, in hopes that their data will be released.
As we look to return to the office place, with companies now forced to work in a hybrid model, it is imperative that you have competent and skillful IT staff that can manage and monitor your network and endpoints for your onsite and remote staff. Data should be backed up offsite at selected intervals with tools that will detect and eliminate ransomware from affecting your offsite backups, along with means to get you back online in minutes with full access to your data.
if this is not part of your business plan or you are unsure, you should be reaching out to Top Hat IT Solutions for a free consultation and assessment.
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